Working Dog: Choosing The Right One

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Choosing the right dog for you and your family isn’t always easy. The dog you choose will be your companion and loyal, if treated right. They have feelings and needs too. When you decide to get a dog, you should make sure you’re ready for a life long commitment. Do you have time to spend with your dog? To take care of them properly? Do you have the finances need for vet visits, food, supplies, and more?

Then, we ask the question, “Which breed is right for me?” To help you answer these questions, you can visit the The Kennel Club for answers. Even though I already own a dog (and a cat), I found their questions to quite good for getting a person to really think about what it takes to care for a dog.

They have a quiz to find the right dog that will get you started on your journey. Most working dogs are very intelligent and headstrong because they have been bred for being responsible to guard livestock, people, and property.

Did you know, that having the right dog companion also gives you someone to talk to that will quietly listen, cuddle with you, exercise with you? You can find more information and resources   at on the health benefits of having a dog.

If you’ve never owned a dog, or at least a working dog, then you may want to consider a different breed. They someone who understands them and has the knowledge of training them correctly.  To learn more about working dogs, Animal Planet is very knowledgeable. They have lots of information and photos of the various dogs. Another good source of information is the American Kennel Club. I really like this site! It gives some history of the dog breed, for example, the Boerboel, a very hardy dog with a rich history.

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